Primitive sculpture of a head, primitive art


Primitive sculpture of a head, primitive art, primitive sculpture, primitive home decor

This is a small porcelain handmade head on marble stand.This type of art is suitable for both private collections and a gift.

red clay, glaze, metal, marble

Size: 5.1″ (13 cm)

How it’s made
The heads are made of porcelain, red clay or fireclay. They are entirely hand made and each one of them is unique. For the coloring one can use different glazes. The technology of workmanship is also unique and takes time and patience. With some of the heads one can use glass, metal and wooden elements. Each one of them brings its own individuality and unique spirit.

A little more about the technology: after the heads are molded, they have to be left to dry, after which they are being baked in a special oven at about 1000 degrees Celsius. After being baked once, the colors are laid and the baking process is repeated. Depending on the desired effect, the heads can go through the oven a third time, if working with other types of colors.

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