Ceramic Art Sculpture, (set of 3), Wire art sculpture


In our shop:99heads

Ceramic Art Sculpture, (set of 3), Wire art sculpture, Wire figure, Ceramic home decor, Wire sculpture

These little fellas are the best friends you can have – small, cute and kinky. They may look the same, but they’re actually quite different . Their torsos and heads are made of white clay and their necks, arms and legs are made of strong metal wire. They are placed on wooden stands so that you can put them anywhere you want, in various combinations and even play with them.
These guys are friends and you can buy them as a trio. However, if your preferences lean towards one of them we can offer you a solo purchase:

.Size: 7.9in / 20cm

Size: 8.1in / 21cm

Size: 8.2in / 21.5cm

wire, white clay, wood, ceramic glaze

The sculptures are marked and tagged at the bottom of the stand. Tag: 99heads

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