Ceramic Wall Art, 3D wall art


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Ceramic Wall Art, 3D wall art, Mixed Media Sculpture, Ceramic Art Doll by 99heads

The wall sculpture is made in our studio 99heads. We used 2 basic materials: wood and ceramic elements. This work of art is entirely handmade and unique. The head of the figure is made of white clay, red cay and colored with ceramic glazes , ceramic paint and glass. The body is made of wood and then painted with white paint , black ink and yellow paint .The figure is signed 99heads on the back, where there is a hook for easy hanging.

This sculpture is part of us and part of the idea of sharing our art! Thank you!

White clay, Red clay, Ceramic elements ,glass , ceramic glaze, wood, ink,

46/18cm (18″ x 7″)


The whole collection :

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