Ceramic Wall Figurines, Set of 2, Ceramic wall sculpture


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Ceramic Wall Figurines, Ceramic wall sculpture, 3D wall art, Mixed Media Sculpture by 99heads

These are Wierd and Wierder or as we like to call them Orange Eye and Bulging Eyes. The bros may be funky, but they have charm and style. They both have wooden bodies, dressed (drawn) in white coats with red and yellow stripes. These two look amazing next to each other on the wall… they look like good buddies. They are indeed very good friends that want to make your home more comfortable for you and your family or be a surprise gift for someone special πŸ™‚

Orange Eye
40cm / 15.7in

Bulging Eyes
39cm / 15.4 in

The art piece is tagged by 99heads.

If you’re interested in having only one of them:

Orange Eye

Bulging Eyes

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