Colorful sculpture, Wedding gift, Gift for couple


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Colorful sculpture, Wedding gift, Gift for couple, He and She, Art doll set, Wall art dolls, colorful and fruity, Wall sculpture, Family

… No whiskers on kittens 🙂 You can see a banana nose and a cherry eye, though. The faces of these art pieces are so colorful and fruity, which will bring a fresh notion into your home décor. They are made of white clay, then glazed, painted on and decorated with black lines, which emphasize the colors. The faces are placed on wooden bodies. Their decoration is unique: the background is brownish with multiple rose raindrops, pouring down on the entire body. The pink-white lines resemble leaf veins. The entire decoration looks like a suit, matching the face. The art pieces have hooks on the back for easy hanging on the desired location and in the desired arrangement. They are perfect for a gift for someone special or for the next awesome addition to your personal collection.

36/9cm ( 14″ x 3 1/3″)
34/10cm ( 13 1/3″ x 4″)

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