Abstract Ceramic Figurines by 99heads

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Vampire Family Portrait

What a nice yellow bond this is – father and son. These 3D wall sculptures represent the merely forgotten vampire kind and their family relationships. Although he might look a little scary (because of the bloody teeth and all) Father Vamp is actually a good soul and well-intentioned (look into his red eyes). Junior on the other hand is a teenager on the loose. As you can see he doesn’t have his teeth yet, but he’ll try to bite you anyway (Father tried to explain to him once, but he just wouldn’t listen). Both ceramic art dolls are yellow from head to toe and are wearing smart raincoats for a more dramatic effect.

They have hooks on the back for easy hanging.


Father Vamp:
38cm/7cm (15in/3in)

Junior Vamp:
32cm/7cm (12.6in/3in)

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