He and She, Ceramic sculpture


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In love

Red is the color of love, right? Well, these two are in love for sure. As you can see they’re both as red as love can be. And, as the saying goes, couples start to look alike: they both have ceramic faces, painted in red, placed on wooden boards, also painted in red. They are both decorated with thin black and white lines. They slowly morphed into each other; that’s why they both have a third eye. At the same time they managed to keep their individuality through the different shapes of these eyes, their mouths and noses. The only non-red detail is his green eye. It is made of glass like her mouth is.
They both have hooks on the back for easy hanging on the desired place and in the desired arrangement. The art pieces are perfect for a love gift for your significant other, as well as an awesome addition to your personal collection.

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