The Moon and The Stars, Original art work by 99heads

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“The Moon and The Stars”

What better time and place than a starry night with the beloved one to make a wish. It is when we are in love that we have our most spontaneous dreams – the true ones that come from the bottom of our heart. Whether we’re in love with a person or an idea, it is always inspirational for the dream factory. Love gives us the strength and courage to call upon our deepest thoughts and desires and share them with those who are closest to us. Don’t be afraid to look towards the stars and let your innermost wishes take over your life, for it’s those dreams that let us live our life to the fullest.

Each of them has his own individuality, yet they seem to share more common trades then usual – their faces are both made of white clay, which was later on glazed with ceramic glazes , then decorated in unison with each other. These two figures are made of two main materials: white clay and wood. Then the figures are integrated into a wooden frame, painted in red color They’re both dressed in an crazy style and have that special look on their face, which will bring bright and happy emotions into your home.

Height 25cm, Width 25cm, Depth 2,5cm
(Height 10″, Width 10″, Depth 1″)

Original art

Materials: Ceramic elements, wood, wooden frame.

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