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This is a unique wall art ceramic sculpture, designed to give your home décor the twist you’ve been looking for. We used a special wood in a semi-circle shape, painted in black with a hook on the back for easy hanging on the wall. The face is made of white clay and then glazed with ceramic glazes in smooth light colors like blue around the eyes, red around the lips, etc. The head’s facial features are emphasized by the distinctive imprint we used to decorate it. It is suitable for a gift for someone special or an addition to your personal collection. Apart from being an awesome art piece, coming out of the wall, it can also be turned into a practical piece of art by hanging it next to your bookshelf and use it as a beautiful artistic bookend. Have fun experimenting!

Height: 17cm / 6 3/4″
Width: 8cm / 3″
Depth: 10cm / 4″

The art piece is tagged by 99heads

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