Weird Mask, Wall mask, Yellow sculpture, Wall 3d sculpture


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Weird Mask, Wall mask, Yellow sculpture, Wall 3d sculpture, Abstract ceramic, Modern ceramic, Abstract face, Ceramic mask, Creepy face

He does have it, doesn’t he? It’s the eyes. If you look deep into his eyes you can see he’s been a good soul all his life. He’s in peace with himself and his balance is illustrated perfectly in his facial decoration: green/blue eyes, gently outlined through the freshness of the white/yellow skin; the black decorative lines are the perfect finish. The face is placed on a white wooden board, creating a slight 3D effect when placed on the wall. There’s a hook on the back for easy hanging on the desired place. The art piece is perfect for a gift for someone special, as well as an awesome addition to your personal collection.

26/20cm ( 10″ x 7 2/3″)

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