Blue boys, Ceramic Sculpture (Set of 3)


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The Blue Boys

The Blue Boys are so cute! And the baby blue makes them even cuter. And what is the reason for their innate cuteness? Well, their heads are made of white clay, glazed in white, and decorated with black lines to emphasize their facial features (also cute). And the bodies in their three-dimensional shape, painted in blue and emphasized with thin fine black lines, are engraved, thus completing their 3D look. Can’t get any cuter than that, right? And they all have hooks on the back for easy hanging on the desired place and in the desired arrangement. The cuteness of The Blue Boys makes them perfect for a gift, as well as an awesome addition to your personal collection.


1. 25/6cm ( 10″ x 2 1/2″)
2. 26/6cm ( 10 1/3″ x 2 1/2″)
3. 24/5cm ( 9 1/3″ x 2″)

White clay, ceramic glaze, wood, black ink

The figures are signed 99heads on the back, where there is a hook for easy hanging.

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