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He’s not angry or embarrassed. No, he’s simply… red. He might look serious, or sad, or even a bit creepy… but maybe that’s just the way he is… red. He’s got it all – red lips, red nose, red eyes, overall… a red face. And that’s just perfect if your interior design is into the red theme. The art piece fits natural in any environment, so it’s perfect for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even for the bathroom. The face is made of red clay terracotta tile, which gives it a unique texture. It is painted with ceramic glaze and decorated with black ceramic paint, then placed on a wooden board, painted in white and also decorated with black lines. The art piece has got a hook on the back for easy hanging.

If you’re interested in having the entire collection (a set of three), here’s a link:


19,5cm/11,5cm (7 1/2″ x 4 1/2″)

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