Errors are an integral part of the creative process!!! 99heads art studio

Errors are an integral part of the creative process, especially for me, where a lot of attention is needed on baking temperature and drying time. When you close the kiln, the few hours that the works bake in there carry the thrill of surprise and worry about whether everything has dried out properly or whether the glass melts in the desired way. But these are purely technical woes and obstacles. The more frightening part is when I don’t like something purely visual or rather it doesn’t satisfy me. It is extremely frustrating to spend hours over an art piece and not get the desired effect. When, however, I realize how much time had passed and I’m still not happy with the result, I just leave it until I visit it again with fresh ideas. So basically, I try to accept these obstacles and woes as a constructive part of the creative process. This way failure doesn’t hold m

e back or push me down, but instead helps me grow and expand my horizons.

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