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This sculpture symbolizes the duality of man and his place in the world. It represents the simplicity of this very same world and at the same time shows us how hard it is to find our place in it. The face is left natural: simply white clay with some red glaze; there’s only one decoration – some black to emphasize the eyes. It is placed on a wooden block, painted in black. There are carvings on all four sides – small canals, channeling its energy. The wooden piece is brick-shaped and, even though it’s been smoothed out, its imperfections were left untouched, keeping it as natural as possible and reminding us we’re not perfect. The art piece is stable enough to be placed on a flat surface – table, desk or shelf, and at the same time has hooks on the back for easy hanging on the wall, where it will have a 3D effect. It’s perfect for a gift for someone special or for the next awesome addition to your personal collection.

22cm high x 13cm long x 8cm deep
9″ high x 5 1/3″ long x 3″ deep

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