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This is Red Face. He is a very special handmade ceramic face, made in our 99heads studio. This art piece is different. We used a special sand technique when we integrated Red Face into the frame. The face itself is made of red and white clay, the frame is wooden and the stuff in between is a special sand mixture, used to create a unique and rich texture as a background of the face. Redr Face was also glazed and painted on with special ceramic paint. He is different and unique, full of all sorts of shapes. His facial features are made of small ceramic elements. The sandy background’s color is pinkish; the inner frame is red-pinkish, emphasizing the face; and the rustic frame combines several layers of white black and red, all of which are layered, using a special technique to create the rustic effect. The art piece has got a hook on the back for easy hanging. RedFace is a perfect addition to your personal collection or an awesome gift for someone very special.

height 18cm, width 18cm, depth 4cm
(height 7″ width 7″, depth 1 1/2″)

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