Colorful Ceramic Fish, Set of 8


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If you’re looking for coloring your home décor, here’s an interesting idea – fish. They’re blue and red and yellow and orange and green and basically – colorful. These eight fish will be enough to decorate your entire home and have a themed décor. Each fish is made of white clay, and then placed on a wooden board. The glazing can be described in one word – colors. We used glass to emphasize the water effect in some fishes. The wavy lines and geometric forms also contribute to this watery 3D effect. And the hook on the back makes it easy to choose each fish’s place or different combinations on the wall.

1. Width 34cm, height 9cm, depth 3,5cm
(Width 13 1/2″, height 3 1/2″, depth 1,5″)

2. Width 32cm, height 9,5cm, depth 3,5cm
(Width 11 1/2″, height 3 3/4″, depth 1,5″)

3. Width 30cm, height 10cm, depth 3,5cm
(Width 12″, height 4″, depth 1,5″)

4. Width 36cm, height 7cm, depth 3,5cm
(Width 14″, height 2 3/4″, depth 1,5″)

5. Width 36cm, height 7,5cm, depth 3,5cm
(Width 14″, height 3″, depth 1,5″)

6. Width 30cm, height 12,5cm, depth 3,5cm
(Width 11 3/4″, height 5″, depth 1,5″)

7. Width 32cm, height 8,5cm, depth 3,5cm
(Width 12 1/2″, height 3 1/4″, depth 1,5″)

8. Width 31cm, height 12cm, depth 3,5cm
(Width 12″, height 4 3/4″, depth 1,5″)

If you’re interested in having one of these fish or want to learn more about each individual fish, here are the links:

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