Modern Ceramic Wal art by 99heads


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Ceramic wall art, Ceramic art objects, Modern ceramic wall art, Original ceramic, Abstract Geometric ceramic.

These ceramic art objects are made of white ceramic mass (porcelain). The plates are colored with brown and blue ceramic glaze and are about 0.3” thick. The embossed lines on the surface form abstract geometrical forms. The plates are placed on rectangular wooden blocks colored with thick white paint. The combination between ceramics and wood emphasizes the minimalistic character of the art piece. Arrange in a sequence or combination you prefer most. Each of the plates has a sign on the back and small hooks to help you hang it on the wall

Porcelain, brawn ceramic glaze, blue ceramic glaze, wood

Art object 1 14/14 cm 5.5 in/5.5 in
Art object 2 14/17 cm 5.5 in/6.7 in
Art object 3 14/17 cm 5.5 in/6.7 in


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