Blue fish, Wall ceramic fish, Ceramic fish


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Unique ceramic fish wall art for your cozy home decor!

This amazing blue fish is part of the Summer 2016 Collection. Its body is made of white clay, left in its natural color, with a gentle touch of light blue here and there. The fish is decorated with thin blue lines to emphasize its sea color. It is also decorated with some bulging ceramic elements (like the eye and the fins) in search of a slight 3D effect. The fish is placed on a wooden board, painted in white, emphasizing the 3D effect, when hanged on the wall. It’s got a hook on the back for easy hanging. It’s a perfect addition to your home décor or an awesome gift for someone special.

Length: 34 cm / 13 1/2″
Height: 9 cm / 3 1/2″
Depth: 3,5 cm / 1 1/2″

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