Neon Decoration, Neon Sticks, Neon cardboard sticks


Neon Decoration, Neon Sticks, Neon cardboard sticks, Neon Home Decor, Yellow Blue Decoration

Blue And Neon Sticks In A Jar
This is a perfect home décor art piece. Colorful sticks in a vintage jar. It will totally go in your kitchen or art corner or anywhere else you feel like you need something simple and beautiful.
The sticks are made of thick cardboard, plastered with foil in two colors – dark blue and neon.The width is individual for each stick – the widest is about 2.5cm/ 1”.
The thick layer of glass makes the jar authentic and unique. The contemporary neon trends combined with the vintage style create the perfect home décor piece.
You can play with the combinations as well – all in the jar, only blue, only neon, one blue among neon or the other way around or simply scatter the sticks all over the house,if that’s how you feel today:)

9 blue sticks – 30cm/11.8”
9 neon sticks – 32cm/12.5”.
The jar – 16cm/6.3”

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